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ARTE 260-KAREN Peavy.pdf
"I aim to conduct an autoethnographic study of my personal experience as a mother and college student at USC Lancaster through poetry. My research explores the hallenges, successes, and unique perspectives that arise when balancing the roles of a…

ARTE 260-NATALEE Reese.pdf
"The research aims to explore the intersection of the first-generation college experience and motherhood through the lens of poetry. The study aims to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities I faced, the first in my family…

ARTE 260- Laura Hernandez-Garcia.pdf
My research aims to explore my experiences as a firstgeneration Mexican American college student using visual arts, employing the autoethnographic research method. By using visual arts as a means of expression, I aim to convey my experiences and…

ARTE 260-Rylee Jenkins.pdf
"This research explores the process of self-discovery through music using an autoethnographic approach. The research aims to generate new knowledge and
understanding of how music can be used for self exploration and personal growth. It seeks to…

ARTE260- Edgar Guzman.pdf
"This study embodies an autoethnographic approach to explore my
experiences as Mexican American vaquero in rural South Carolina.
Through personal narratives, visual arts, and recent experiences, this
study aims to provide a retrospective view of…

SEACSM 2023 Poster FINAL- Easley.pdf
BACKGROUND: Physical activity is an important contributor to overall health; however, as most young adults transition into college, physical activity decreases and sedentary time increases. Body composition also may change during this time. While…

ACRL 2019 Roundtable Handout.pdf
This document summarizes gaps in Library and Information Science (LIS)'s EDI, recruitment, and retention efforts and the emotional labor impacts these gaps have on racial and ethnic underrepresented members of the LIS profession.
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