Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Education


Business, Behavioral Sciences, Criminal Justice, and Education

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Angela Neal, "Faculty Colloquium: Partner (Dis)Agreement on Relationship Conflict" (2016)
A summary of mixed methods research on dyadic participants and their perceptions and agreement on instances of aggression in their relationship.

John Kennington, "Do couples agree on why partner aggression occurs? An investigation in situation-specific attributions" (2016)
Fifty-two romantic couples independently reported on the same incidents of aggression in their relationship in order to examine agreement. Agreement ranged from nonexistent (e.g., get attention) to substantial (i.e., alcohol/drugs). Partner…

Alana Rosa, "Personality characteristics and women's health: Evidence that high levels of trait hostility and anxiety reduce overall quality of life" (2016)
Our lab has conducted multiple experiments examining the effects of personality on the ability to process stress, which has been demonstrated to differentially require right hemisphere resources. We have consistently found sex differences across…
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