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Recently Added Items

Vanessa Grout, "Relationship Among Screentime, Body Fat Percentage, and Measured Physical Activity in College Students" (2019)


This poster summarizes the relationships among screen-time, body-fat percentage, and measured physical activity levels in college student populations.

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick, "Institutional Vagaries of Retention and Recruitment and the Actuality of Emotional Labor in Diversity Initiatives" (2019)

ACRL 2019 Roundtable Handout.pdf

This document summarizes gaps in Library and Information Science (LIS)'s EDI, recruitment, and retention efforts and the emotional labor impacts these…

Taylor Meadows, "Differences in Health Indicators Based on Biological Attractiveness in Women" (2019)

Taylor Meadows Discover Poster 4 8 2019 Final Spoonflower.pdf

This poster discusses differences in BMI, body fat percentage, and handgrip strength in traditional, college-aged, full time females based on…