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Exploring Motherhood and Academia: An Autoethnographic Journey at USC Lancaster Through Poetry

ARTE 260-KAREN Peavy.pdf

"I aim to conduct an autoethnographic study of my personal experience as a mother and college student at USC Lancaster through poetry. My research…

An Autoethnographic Exploration of the First-Generation College Experience and Motherhood through the Lens of Poetry

ARTE 260-NATALEE Reese.pdf

"The research aims to explore the intersection of the first-generation college experience and motherhood through the lens of poetry. The study aims to…

Autoethnographic Exploration of First-Generation Mexican- American College Experience Through Visual Arts: A Personal Journey

ARTE 260- Laura Hernandez-Garcia.pdf

My research aims to explore my experiences as a firstgeneration Mexican American college student using visual arts, employing the autoethnographic…