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Leigh Pate - Project Defense.pptx
Student health services (SHS), or clinics located on college and university campuses, provide preventative, acute, and chronic care. SHS availability is associated with improved health outcomes and academic success, yet rural regional campuses often…

Ann Scott - Project Defense - PP_final.pdf
Background: Simulation-based interprofessional education is challenging to implement, especially on rural campuses.
Aim: Using a telehealth IPE scenario developed for rural pre-licensure healthcare students, this project: 1) examined the…

Partnering with students to enhance the pipeline of future nursing researchers.pdf
Research is an integral part of nursing practice, yet undergraduate nursing and high school students considering a career in nursing rarely have exposure to nursing research. A collaborative project engaged BSN students in faculty-mentored research…

DML Connecting the Dots - Catledge and Scott STTI 2017.pdf
This project will explore how (Debriefing for Meaningful Learning (DML) helps students connect the dots from theory to practice using the 3 D’s and find creative ways to incorporate DML into academic encounters resulting in improved outcomes and…

DISCOVER USC De'Aaricka Wilkes Final.pdf
This study examined the responses to the question “I have too much fat on my body.” Female participants were divided into groups by their perception of their body fat and then the body fat percentage and BMIs were compared between groups.
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