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Lisa Hammond, "Cultural Perceptions of Breastfeeding Online: Support, Community, Judgements" (2016)

Cultural Perceptions of Breastfeeding Online Support, Community, Judgements.ppt

As women seek information about their breastfeeding choices online, they encounter a wide range of messages about breastfeeding that influence their…

Lisa Hammond, “'Only to you, Internet': Blogging as a Radical Redefinition of Motherhood" (2007)

NWSA conference copy.pdf

Women writing and reading about mothering in weblogs are contributing to an ongoing process of developing new cultural definitions of motherhood,…

Lisa Hammond, "Blogging Motherhood: Redefining Literary and Cultural Definitions of Maternal Identity" (2008)

Hammond SAMLA 2008 poster print reference copy.pdf

Women have always written about mothering, but as they have begun to write weblogs exploring maternal identity, their ways of writing are evolving as…