A digital repository for the scholarly activities of University of South Carolina Lancaster faculty and students. Submissions focus on non-traditional and unpublished or ephemeral scholarly output. To submit your work, contact Kaetrena Davis Kendrick. 

Recently Added Items

Zachary Broughton, "Arduino Use in Libraries and its Role in Library Makerspaces" (2016)

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A review of how the Arduino platform is used in libraries and how the platform can be used for outreach and in library programs.

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick, "Digital scholarship on the small campus: Using Omeka to curate scholarship" (2016)

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A summation of Medford Librarians' activities in gathering USCL stakeholders' scholarly output and the implications of these efforts.

Kaetrena Davis Kendrick, "The DigitaLibrarian: DH as a Leadership and Pedagogical Skill Set" (2015)

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A review of how working with a Digital Humanities project allows librarians to discover tools and apply them to relationship-building and teaching…