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Recently Added Items

Amber Williams,"Faculty Colloquium: Study Abroad London" (2016)

Faculty Colloquium study abroad london.pptx

A summary of the planning, development, implementation, and experiences of a Nursing travel study course offered in May 2016. The travel opportunity…

Lisa Hammond, "Cultural Perceptions of Breastfeeding Online: Support, Community, Judgements" (2016)

Cultural Perceptions of Breastfeeding Online Support, Community, Judgements.ppt

As women seek information about their breastfeeding choices online, they encounter a wide range of messages about breastfeeding that influence their…

Lisa Hammond, “'Only to you, Internet': Blogging as a Radical Redefinition of Motherhood" (2007)

NWSA conference copy.pdf

Women writing and reading about mothering in weblogs are contributing to an ongoing process of developing new cultural definitions of motherhood,…