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Recently Added Items

S. Kailey Miller, "The Impact of Body Composition on Women’s Global Self Esteem" (2018)

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This study investigated women’s global self esteem and how their body composition, specifically their body fat percentage, affected it. Anthropometric…

Molly N. Melton, "Differences Among Body Fat Percentage Prediction Equations in a College Age Population" (2018)

Molly SEACSM 2018 Poster Final.pdf

This study examined the accuracy of body fat prediction equations by comparing them to the criterion measure, DXA. The predicted body fat means and…

Leigh Pate. "Nurse Practitioner-Run Campus Wellness Clinic to Decrease Obesity." (2017)

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Student health services (SHS), or clinics located on college and university campuses, provide preventative, acute, and chronic care. SHS availability…