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Recently Added Items

Leigh Pate. "Nurse Practitioner-Run Campus Wellness Clinic to Decrease Obesity." (2017)

Leigh Pate - Project Defense.pptx

Student health services (SHS), or clinics located on college and university campuses, provide preventative, acute, and chronic care. SHS availability…

Ann Scott. "Simulation-Based Interprofessional Education in a Rural Setting." (2017)

Ann Scott - Project Defense - PP_final.pdf

Background: Simulation-based interprofessional education is challenging to implement, especially on rural campuses.
Aim: Using a telehealth IPE…

Courtney Catledge, "Partnering With Students to Enhance the Pipeline of Future Nursing Researchers" (2017)

Partnering with students to enhance the pipeline of future nursing researchers.pdf

Research is an integral part of nursing practice, yet undergraduate nursing and high school students considering a career in nursing rarely have…